Why You Should Get Into a Digital Flow

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A Harvard University study amongst around 10.000 organizations showed a great imbalance in that a lot more time is spent on operational matters versus time spent on strategy, but when things go wrong, it shows the inverse in cause.


All organizations are facing the same issues: how can we stay in motion?

How do we choose between opportunities, projects and priorities? In this fast paced environment, how can we make decisions under a great deal of pressure? How do we cope with the apparent paradoxes of this era? Should we focus on the future or today? Do we choose people or figures?

Digital Flow is about injecting a both-and digital attitude


digital_transformation_part01.png At Realdolmen we believe in ‘both-and’-thinking. Getting into a Digital Flow ensures that you no longer need to choose between ‘operational IT’ and ‘strategical IT’, between “unburdening” and “innovation”. Together with our customers, we work continuously on the operation and optimization of the operational IT component, constantly freeing up new resources to innovate for the future and become re-integrated into daily operations. The idea is to work on today and on tomorrow at the same time. This is how we strive to get organizations into a Digital Flow.

Digital Flow is not about one moment of digitization, nor a set of digital transformation projects. It is about making digitization a cornerstone of your organization. We help organizations inject that “both-and digital attitude” into their organization. We want all members of an organization – not just the CIO or the IT department – thinking in terms of “How can a digital system or digital tools help me to achieve my goal?”.