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We live in exponential changing times. A lot of leaders feel today like they have to constantly make hard choices between all kinds of apparent paradoxes. Focusing on people or results, on the short term or long term, …?

A Harvard University study amongst around 10.000 organizations showed a great imbalance in terms of time spent. Significant time seems to go to operational matters, and less to strategic matters, but when things go wrong, it shows the causes are mainly the other way round.


Other management studies reflect the same: one of the main C-level dilemmas is about operational versus strategical focus. Also, when it comes down to the technological dimension.

Do you focus on keeping the existing IT up and running or do you experiment with future options?


Often, you see two types of reactions or pathologies: too much stuck in the operational of the day-to-day business or losing yourself too much in tackling one experiment after another without really anchoring them.

In the end, all of the leaders and organizations are looking for an answer to the same questions: how can we keep moving while keeping our balance?



Aim for a continuum of activities to keep on moving and an infinite digital mindset without paradoxes.
Adopt a both-and more attitude to let go of apparent paradoxes.
Aim for a digital reflex for all parties involved, from CEO to every department.
Go for Digital Flow.




Go for infinity



Digital Flow is not about one moment of digitization, nor a set of digital transformation projects. It is about making digitization a cornerstone of your organization.
No more focusing on that one transformation project and then going back to business as usual or on some loose projects. Lead with an infinite digital mindset.

Go for both and more


Getting into a Digital Flow ensures that you no longer need to choose between ‘operational IT’ and ‘strategical IT’, between ‘unburdening’ and ‘innovation’.
Let go of apparent paradoxes. Embrace it all and use the power of opposites. Adopt a both-and more attitude.

Go for a digital reflex


To establish a Digital Flow, all members of an organization – not just the CIO or the IT department – should think in terms of “How can a digital system or digital tools help me to achieve my goal?”. Every CEO should have a digital strategy. Adopt a digital reflex, as a driving force to keep moving.